Faster, Easier, and Smarter Way To Sharpen Your Chainsaw
Faster, Easier, and Smarter Way To Sharpen Your Chainsaw

Make Your ChainSaw As Razor Sharp As NEW Within Minutes

Must-have Tool for DIYers, Lumberjack, and Gardeners – Buy Now and Save!

  • The Perfect Tool for Outdoor Chainsaw Sharpening
  • 5-Second Installation & 10-Second Sharpening
  • Equipped With Multiple Durable Whetstones
  • Fits for 14 / 16 / 18 / 20 inches Chainsaw Bar
  • Compact & Fits Perfectly in Your Pocket

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Introducing Sherem Universal Chainsaw Sharpener - the most compact yet powerful "chainsaw sharpening" tool ever made that revolutionizes the way you maintain your chainsaw. Sherem effortlessly brings back the razor-sharp edge to your chainsaw chain in just seconds.

No need to spend hours on manual filing and grinding, nor carry bulky benchtop grinder. With Sherem, all you need is a quick setup and sharpening! Its ingenious design makes it lightweight and easy to carry. Installation takes just 5 seconds, and with a gentle press, it effortlessly eliminates jagged and uneven edges within seconds. Whether you're a professional logger or a weekend warrior tackling backyard projects, Sherem SawSharpener is the ultimate solution to keep your chainsaw at its best performance!

Keep your chainsaw in top-notch condition

 Effortless Sharpening in Seconds

Sherem aims to simplify chainsaw maintenance, bid farewell to bulky tools, and help people sharpen their blades quickly outdoors. With just a few simple steps, you can bring back the razor-sharp edge and keep your chainsaw ready for action at all times.

Recognized by Professionals

Professional arborists, gardeners, and loggers are using Sherem, and their reasons are simple: fast, portable, and effective! Especially during long hours of outdoor work, Sherem has shown reliable sharpening performance. You don't need to carry other tools, reducing the weight of your equipment.

Sharpen Anytime, Anywhere

Whether you are on a job site, deep in the woods, or working on a DIY project in your backyard, the compact and portable Sherem Universal Chainsaw Sharpener is your on-the-go solution to keep your chainsaw razor-sharp and ready for action. Never let a dull chainsaw slow you down again!

Compatible with almost all chainsaws

Sherem has 2 pins, one of which is adjustable and detachable, allowing seamless compatibility with almost all types of chainsaws. Regardless of the spacing between the two holes on the chainsaw bar, whether it's a single hole or two holes, Sherem can be compatible. Lift up the whetstones to remove the worn-out one, then replace it with a new one, and you can continue sharpening.

A Sherem saves you all the hassles of extra trips to the hardware store and ensures that you have the perfect sharpening companion that adapts to the toughest cutting tasks.

Easy Sharpening In Under Minutes
  • STEP 1

    Open the panel. Fix the chainsaw on the two holes of the sharpener.

  • STEP 2

    Close the safety plate and push the safety buckle.

  • STEP 3

    Gently press down until it touches the whetstone.

What Our Customers Say About Sherem Universal Chainsaw Sharpener

Never going back

"I am a professional arborist. Previously, I had to carry 2~4 sharp chains as backups to ensure the saw stays sharp without interrupting my work. Now, with this super portable tool, I can sharpen dull chains on the spot within minutes. Highly recommended for all professionals and companies!“

James. A – Denver, CO

Average Rating

Charles. W - Los Angeles, CA

This Chainsaw Sharpener I brought for my husband worked well. He was a DIY enthusiast and at first, he was skeptical about it. But now he believed it was the BEST chainsaw sharpening tool has ever used. He also said it fit his 20" chainsaw well. It is worth the price and seems to be made with high quality material. It's a must-have for professionals and homeowners alike, highly recommend!

Robert. M - Austin, TX

This tool is a game-changer! Unlike using a file or grinder, SawSharpener delivers a consistently sharp finish to each tooth without any over-grinding or loss of strength. I love how it hones the teeth like new, and the adjustable honing feature is simply fantastic. Once you get the hang of it, it's smooth sailing. Highly recommend it for any chainsaw enthusiast!

Thomas. T - Phoenix, AZ

From now on, I only carry this tool for chopping wood outdoors! Because it is so lightweight! And it is suitable for both single-hole and two-hole chainsaw bars. When the cutting edge becomes uneven, I take it out to sharpen quickly, and the chainsaw can continue working. It is perfect for someone like me who is always in a hurry.



Don't let a dull chainsaw hold you back. It's time to enjoy the convenience and precision of SawSharpener today and take your chainsaw performance to the next level. Quantities are limited, so be sure to order right away!

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There is limited availability and this 50% OFF REGULAR PRICE OFFER may be taken down at any moment!
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